Inspired by Artisans

I have been inspired by artisans and their craft traditions since the very first time I visited Mexico three decades ago. After a career in graphic design, I took the leap and started Modela. Modela’s intention is to bring the best of handmade home decor, women’s accessories, and folk art to you from the amazing artisans I have met and collaborated with.

Focusing on Mexico and Morocco, I seek out the artisans that are making the best of their traditional design but with a contemporary twist. I often partner with the artisans to come up with new, handmade products.  Natural dyes, recycled glass, plant materials such as palm, and un-glazed pottery are some of the materials Modela’s partners work with. These materials are sustainable and environmentally friendly but also offer exciting design opportunities.

The artisans are always paid their asking price which is both ethical and fair.

I’ve established wonderful relationships with some of the artisans I have known over the years--especially in Oaxaca, Mexico, my home for many months out of the year. The number of talented, practicing artisans is quite extraordinary. You definitely should plan a trip to Oaxaca.

Thanks for taking a look!
Patti O’Neill, Modela owner

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