Handwoven palm and leather bucket bag, blue

Handwoven palm and leather bucket bag, blue


This natural and blue palm bag from Oaxaca, Mexico is a match for spring and summer!

Boho and elegant at the same time, the bag was woven by a female artisan who Modela met last summer. Working with dried palm only, she showed us several sample styles and we choose the colors and patterns for a custom order. The rest are coming soon!

A leather strap closes the purse opening.

Materials: Palm leaf and cow leather

Size: 7.5" wide diameter by 11.25" tall. Leather shoulder strap measures 33" total with five holes for shortening or lengthening with a silver buckle.

Care: Keep dry. If the dyed palm color--the blue--gets wet, it may run. Condition the leather strap occasionally.

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