Handspun merino wool hat

Handspun merino wool hat


A unisex winter classic, these handmade wool hats are made by hand from virgin merino wool that artisans clean, card and spin by hand on a traditional drop spindle. Every piece is individually knit, and topped with a handmade pompom with ties on the underside so that it can be removed for two looks in one. Available in a choice of ivory or espresso.

Artisans: The artisans have been working with wool for generations. Their home workshop in Southern Mexico offers the family space to collaborate on wool pieces that are made on backstrap and standing loom, as well as knitting, crochet and woodwork.

Approximately 8.6" wide at the brim x 10" long, with 2.75" removable pompom on a handspun wool string

Care: It is easier to clean the piece without the pompoms. We would recommend dry cleaning these pieces, however they can also be lightly washed by hand in cold water and laid flat to dry. They should not be washed in a machine or added to a dryer, as this will destroy the handmade finishes and shrink the material.

As these are 100% wool, they natural repel odor, dirt and moisture. They do not require frequent cleanings.

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