Crocheted cotton basket

Crocheted cotton basket

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Handmade 100% cotton crocheted basket. Made by a female artisan in southern Mexico.

The baskets can be set on floor or table as basket, or carried and used as a bag.

Size: Approximately 15.7"wide by 17.5" tall


Artisan: Our artisan’s parents wanted her to concentrate on school instead of working as an artisan. When she was 6 years old, she’d watch her family work through the door after school. She used to sneak material in her bedroom to work on her own projects after school. She is now in her 50s, works as an artisan, and a full-time job in an arts collective store.

Care: Bags can be dry cleaned, washed by hand or in washing machine in cold water on gentle cycle. Do not put these bags in the dryer or they will shrink, lay them flat to dry instead.

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