Vintage Moroccan Aït Bou Ichaouen rug

Vintage Moroccan Aït Bou Ichaouen rug

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Vintage Aït Bou Ichaouen rug from Morocco. 

Aït Bou Ichaouen rugs are sometimes called Talsints as Talsint is the biggest town in the area where these are woven. The berber weavers live in a remote region close to the Algerian border. Their rugs were not discovered by the outside world until the 1990s.

Size: 64" x 116"
Material: wool
Age: 1980's

Care: Shake out, vacuum without the beater brush on. Every year or second year, the rug could be washed with cold water from a hose using shampoo or mild liquid soap and left in the sun to hang dry. 

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