Clay condiment bowls, set of 2

Clay condiment bowls, set of 2


Handmade clay condiment bowls made by Francisco in southern Mexico.

When the cups are still hot out of the kiln, Francisco dips them in a bath of natural leaves and water. The mugs have a beautiful range of color--from a light terra cotta to a black.

Set of 2

Size: 3.5" wide x 1.5"

Care: These pieces are lead-free and safe for food. For best care, they should be hand-washed. 

About the Artisan
With a family history rooted in handmade pottery work, Francisco learned the tools of his trade from generations of artisans. 

His house sits at the top of a bumpy dirt road and features an open concept, along with large front windows that overlook his pueblo and a series of handmade kilns. Green space surrounds his home and offers a host of natural offerings which he has incorporated into his pieces. 

Organic copal and tobacco are harvested by hand on his property, with both the sap and leaves being added into clay in order to arrive at his signature pearly charcoal colored pieces. Other elements are also sourced from the grounds, along with a local mine, in order to produce a range of earthy hues—from cream to orange to black. 

The firing process is in essence a contained pit firing, which sees the works added into temperatures of roughly 1,200 degrees for around an hour and a half. While this experimentation sees variation (and often surprises) in the final result, as a general rule, the longer the works remain in the fire, the more durable they become and the darker the color. Copal works emerge in midnight hues, while lighter pieces support one-of-a-kind burn marks that speak to the hand of the maker, along with the chosen process.

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