Handmade beeswax gradated tapers

Handmade beeswax gradated tapers


Modela collaborated with a three generation family of artisan beeswax candlemakers in Oaxaca, Mexico to make gradated tapers sized for a standard candleholder.

Available in pink, blue, gray, green, and yellow. The price is for one taper.

Size: The base is approximately 7/8" wide and the tapers stand 17” tall.

Artisans: This family workshop is a favorite in Oaxaca. The family graciously opens their home for you to watch the laborious process of candles being made for weddings, churches or Day of the Dead. Their native language is Zapotec although some of the younger members speak Spanish, as well.

Tips: If the candle is too large for an opening, use a paring knife to peel away some beeswax. If it’s too small, wrap masking tape around the base.

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