Handblown small garrafon bottle

Handblown small garrafon bottle


Studio Xaquixe is a glass studio in Oaxaca, Mexico whose mission is to hand blow beautiful glass in a sustainable way. The glass is 95% recycled from bottles collected in the local area and they utilize bio-fuel—discarded cooking oil—to heat their oven. The glass factory employs 19 glass blowers. to heat their furnace. The glass factory employs 19 glass blowers. Each handblown glass piece varies slightly in color and form, lending itself to the unique story of the individual artisan who crafted it.

Drinking glasses, vessels and sinks are some of the products they produce.

Handblown glass bottle with cork.

Size: 3.15" wide x 3.34" tall; holds 5.1 ounces
Care: Hand wash  

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