Paper mâché angel

Paper mâché angel


Paper mâché angel created by a student from Centro de Integración in Tapalpa, Jalisco--a special school for troubled and children in need. They have been taught to create animals and sculptures of whimsical and imaginative design made of papelmalecho (papier-mâché).

A creative teacher began the project of teaching them to express their dreams and beliefs through working with papel malecho (paper maché) and recycled garbage—bottoms of plastic soft-drink bottles, newspaper, egg cartons, grain bags—all are used to create the whimsical creations. The students paint their pieces in the traditional folk style of florapintura or flower painting.

The group displayed a special papel malecho (papier-mâché) exhibit called “The Flora and the Fauna of the Planet of 8 Suns” at Maestros del Arte 2003. Created by Maestro Marco Canisales, the life-size woman was decorated with a myriad of birds and animals, suns and flowers - she was purchased by one of the shoppers at the event.

Size: 11" tall x 8.25" wide

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