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Vintage Moroccan rugs including Beni Ourain, Azilal, Boujad, Beni M'Guild; handwoven textiles, handblown glass, and home decor sourced from artisans in Mexico and Morocco.

Aguilar clay farm woman

Folk Art

Aguilar clay farm woman

Aguilar farm lady.jpg
Aguilar farm lady.jpg
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Aguilar clay farm woman


Love this one of a kind piece by the Josefina Aguilar family of Ocotolan, Oaxaca, Mexico. The woman's skirt is painted with crop rows and her husband is working the watermelon fields with their child.

Josefina gained notoriety when Nelson Rockefeller started collecting and displaying her artisan pieces in the 1970s.

Josefina suffers from diabetes and recently lost her sight but she still sculpts the clay. Her children paint the pieces for her.

4.25" wide x 9.5" tall

Clay and acrylic paint

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